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Bowling At Richardson's Family Entertainment Centre, Hemsby

Bowling – playing at Hemsby is the best fun!

Bowling at Richardson’s Family Entertainment Centre Hemsby is brilliant fun. Four lanes of fun! And you can wear your own flat-soled shoes too!

There are automatic bumpers for people who might need a little extra help. There’s a wide choice of Bowling balls too so you can choose the weight and finger hole size that suit you best.

It’s just such a great place to come and play one of the best fun games – ever! Perfect for families, great for birthday parties, a team night out, or even date night with a Glow Bowl!

Want a refresher on the rules? It’s pretty straightforward.

The goal is to knock over as many pins as possible with your bowling ball and score points. You knew that!

Otherwise the key rules are these –

1. Each game has 10 rounds – we call them frames

2. You get to bowl up to 2 balls per frame

3. If you knock down all the pins in one throw (a strike), you’ll get double the score on whatever you bowl on your next frame.

4. If you knock down all the pins in two throws (a spare), you’ll get double the points of only your first throw in the next frame.

5. When you get to the final frame and score a strike, you win two extra balls to throw. If you throw a spare in your final round, you’ll win an extra ball.

6. You are not allowed to step over the black line at the start of the bowling lane. If you cross the line, you won’t get any points for the pins you bowl over with that ball.

The top score for 10-pin bowling is 300 points!



Go for it. This is going to be more fun than even your happiest memories of how Hemsby used to be. This is Hemsby now – at Richardson’s Family Entertainment Centre Hemsby.


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Juniors (Under 16)