Book Bowling

Air Hockey & American Pool

Air Hockey – the classic. 

It’s all about the air table. Invented in the 1940s as a sort of conveyor belt, revamped in the 1960s as a teaching aid for science (yes – really!) and then – boom – in 1969 they start to explore its potential as a game. 

And it really did have potential. It’s a classic now. Feel that lack of friction as the puck ricochets around the table in your race to win the game. It’s one on one – and you really want to be the one. 

We find our Air Hockey Table is one of our most popular games. Ok – you do have to mind your fingers a bit. But that’s not going stop the fun. Is it?!  


American Pool – it’s just so cool. 

It just is. Cool. In the movies. In the arcades. Pool is cool. And, it’s great fun. Our American Pool tables have the cloths and cushions to create a fast and furious game. Do you know your spots from your stripes? Can you spot the cue ball? Are you ready to shoot some 8-Ball? Grab your cue and get into the zone. 

Some people will tell you that the American game is easier than the now ‘traditional’ British versions. Do NOT believe them. This will call for all your skill and competitive spirit.  

Take your shot, hear the clack of the balls, see that ball fall into the pocket. It’s cool. Like really, American diner, sports bar, cool. Have a nice day.