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We can currently only accept bookings of 6 people maximum or less. We cannot accept group bookings over 6 people. We please remind visitors that you must not mix between lanes – please remain in your allocated bowling lane for the duration of your visit. Thank you for your understanding.

We have 14 lanes all equipped with automatic bumpers for children or those who are new to bowling. Each lane has its own computer system to do the scoring for you. You are given special shoes for bowling and we have a variety of balls of varying weight and sized finger holes so you can choose a ball you are comfortable with.

Please book by calling 01502 519200.

The Basic Rules of Bowling

The basic rules of tenpin bowling are:

  • Each game has 10 frames
  • A game consists of 10 frames and you get to bowl up to 2 balls per frame.
  • If you score a strike (knock all pins down) then only one ball is bowled in the frame. This also means that you get double the score on the next frame that you bowl. If you get a spare (knock all pins down in one frame using two bowls) you get double the score of the first bowl in the next frame.
  • When you get to the 10th frame you will get an extra ball if you score a spare or two extra balls if you score a strike. The top score in a game of tenpin bowling is 300.
  • Each lane has a foul line (the black line) and if you step over this line you don’t score anything for that bowl.


Before 6pm1 Game2 Games3 Games
Junior (Under 16)£4.00£7.50£8.50
After 6pm1 Game2 Games3 Games
Adult (Saturday Nights)£5.75£10.50£14.25
Junior (Under 16)£4.75£8.50£10.75

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